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Meeting Dates/Breakfast Information

 Meeting Dates/Breakfast  7:15AM


Aug. 15 Joe Biggs                                         Aug. 29 Justy Haux


Sept. 5 Amelia Arb (wear StuCo shirt)                 Sept. 12 Kylie Dorr


Sept. 19 Gage Kilgore                                  Sept. 26 Lane Manning


Oct. 3  Macy Weece (wear StuCo shirt)              Oct. 10 Cameron Weston


Oct. 17 Kendall Wine                                  Oct. 24 Charleigh Bean


Oct. 31 Destinee Forkenbrock                     Nov. 7 Kyra Griffin (wear StuCo shirt)    


Nov. 14 Izzy Lyda                                        Nov. 21 Kynley Moore


Nov. 28 Chloe Retallick                               Dec. 5 Kinsey VandeVelde (wear StuCo shirt)


Dec. 12 Levi Arb                                          Dec. 19 Tenley Brown


Jan. 9 Aspen Drew (wear StuCo shirt)              Jan. 16 Damon Forkenbrock


Jan. 23 Brieonna Garber                             Jan 30 Joe Biggs  


Feb. 6 Justy Haux (wear StuCo shirt)                 Feb. 13 Amelia Arb


Feb. 20  Kylie Dorr                                     Feb. 27 Gage Kilgore


Mar. 5 Lane Manning (wear StuCo shirt)           Mar. 19 Macy Weece


Mar. 26 Cameron Weston                           Apr. 2 Kendall Wine (wear StuCo shirt)


Apr. 9 Charleigh Bean                                 Apr. 16 Destinee Forkenbrock


Apr. 23 Kyra Griffin                                   April 30 Izzy Lyda


May 7 Kynley Moore (wear StuCo shirt)


There are 21 members.  Please send donuts, muffins, rolls, fruit, etc. enough breakfast to feed all members. (3 dozen donuts or 4 dozen muffins) And please send drinks: 1 gallon of chocolate milk and a ½ gallon of juice.  Cups and Napkins will be provided by StuCo. If you have questions, please call me @ 785-221-0121. 


Thank you,

Mr. Gales