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Scholarship: Understanding the importance of knowledge is a key element of scholarship. Tireless dedication and hard work are two factors mandatory to succeed academically. Those constantly seeking to learn more are rewarded with boundless wisdom and a world of opportunities.

Service: Service is the unselfish giving of time and abilities to those in need. Those who are willing to aid others and assist at any cost deserve such recognition for their efforts. Through volunteer work, the betterment of our community becomes a reality as we seek to build a brighter future.

Leadership: A true leader strives to move forward when few others seem to care. Influential and effective leadership requires sacrifices be made in order to achieve the desired goals, no matter what the cause. Being able to give, as well as receive directions in a non-domineering fashion is a trait one looks for in a guide. It is the ability to lead and display guidance that is much needed in our world; thus, leadership is a significant quality our members must possess.

Character: Character is a unique strength distinguishing individuality. Individuals with quality of character always demand respect and value honor and integrity in all situations. How we value our character reflects how others see us. Therefore, we must serve as examples and demonstrate the qualities we wish others to acquire.

NHS Pledge: I pledge myself to uphold, the high purpose of the National Honor Society, to which I have been selected.  Striving in every way, by word and deed, to make its ideals the ideals of my school and my life.